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Sizing Guide

Your Size Guide for the Perfect Fit


Max Gabriel's sizing guide is based on Australian standard sizing however each garment has its own set of measurements so please check the below sizing charts to thoroughly ensure that when the item arrives it fits perfectly.  However Max Gabriel understands how daunting it can be to purchase clothing on line so we'd like to offer this to you.  If you live in the Sydney metro area (if unsure you can still email) we can arrange a date and time to bring a sample shirt to you.  If you live outside of the metro area we can post a sample size to you and include a return envelope so you can return the sample shirt back to us.  Email info@maxgabriel.com.au with your request.  We look forward to meeting some of you!

Classic Business Shirt

Size                   Neck                    Sleeve Length                       Waist measurement


46cm                 46cm                    94cm                                      135cm

                       18 inches                37 inches                                53 inches

48cm                 48cm                    94cm                                      140 cm

                       19 inches                37 inches                                55 inches

50cm                 50cm                    94cm                                      146 cm

                       19.5 inches             37 inches                                57.4 inches

52cm                 52cm                    94cm                                      152 cm

                       20.5 inches             37 inches                                60 inches




Please take note that the Classic Business Shirts are for the above sizes and more suited to the man that prefers a more full cut i.e. generous around the waist.  The Contemporary Shirts (that will be arriving soon!) are more suited to the man that has a neck in an above size with a slimmer torso.

How to measure your neck

To measure your neck you will need a measuring tape and a mirror.  Stand in front of the mirror and place the tape around the base of your neck.  Bring both ends together, remembering to place one finger between your neck and the tape. Where the tape meets your neck that is the measurement.  It is important to place your finger between neck and tape as this will prevent your collar from being to restrictive.

Measuring your waist for the above measurements

Remembering the classic bussiness shirt is for the man that prefers a more relaxed fit around the waist, I have included the waist measurements for you to check against your favourite shirt in the same size.  

By laying your shirt down on a flat surfuce with the back of the shirt facing you.  Estimate where your waist would be, usually halfway from the inner arm of the shirt and the bottom of the shirt.  With your tape/ruler measure from the edge of the waist across to the other side of the waist.  By doing this you can see how the waist measurements compare with Max Gabriel measurements.  Please remember you may email anytime to ask any questions.

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