Beware The Handkerchief.

Beginning of winter here in the Southern Hemisphere. That means colder weather and colds. Viruses abound at this time of the year. Some contain just the common cold, others join with mates to create the cold and gastro virus, tres unpleasant. But there are some very simple things to do to try and prevent becoming a victim.

First and foremost, wash your hands! Wash them before eating, when arriving at work especially if you travel on the train or bus. And please wash them after blowing your nose or coughing and sneezing into them, so you don’t spread your germs.

Try not to touch your face with your hands. A lot of the microbes that cause the common cold love to enter your body through your mouth, nose and eyes. So think twice before biting that hang nail while sitting on public transport hmmm?

And as for the handkerchief. They are great to keep in your pocket, clean, and offer to a colleague that may be having a bad day with spills or an upset at work. But if you have a runny nose that requires blowing, use the humble tissue please. Blow your nose and then dispose of the germ ridden tissue. Imagine all the blighters you are harbouring in your hanky at the end of the day after you’ve blown and wiped away. Then you go home and pop it into your washing machine, which is fine if you use a hot wash cycle to kill the germs. But the majority of us use a cold wash cycle, and all those bugs are being washed around all your ‘clean’ clothes. Ewww.

With colder temperatures it is important to wear warmer clothes. Keep you throat and chest warm. Invest in a great scarf and coat. Spend that bit extra on your coat and go for quality and style. The great thing about an overcoat is there are several timeless classics that can be worn again and again when the cold rolls around. Paired with a subtle toned scarf you will be warm and stylish!

And don’t forget your packet of tissues!

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Valentines Day

Know matter who your someone special is, Valentines Day is your chance to make them understand just how much!
You don’t need big gestures, mind you if they work that day, one dozen roses or their favourite flowers sent to them is a must!
I just thought I’d compile a list of other gestures you could choose to impress and also rekindle the romance.
1. Champagne breakfast in bed, or just their
favourite morning kick starter with a breakfast
they would like. Make sure to pop that
rose/flower in a small vase with a cloth napkin.

2. When they come home have a trail of rose petals
(available from any florist) leading to a warm
bubble bath with champagne in crystal glasses.
Your loved one may like to be left a lone for a
while to de-stress and really appreciate your

3. If children are an issue, arrange for a babysitter,
have a picnic packed and whisk your special one
to the moonlit cinema or favourite beach/river
for a dusk picnic. Don’t forget the blanket!! and
glasses for your drinks. If on the other side of
the globe where it is far too cold to picnic, I have
some other suggestions, or if you have a fireplace
that can be a very romantic place to picnic.

4. Cook or order in their favourite meal and surprise
them with a set table and candles.

5. You could leave notes around the house or their
car leading to a treasure hunt which ends with
some beautiful jewellery being discovered. Maybe
that eternity ring, watch or just a solitaire
diamond pendant (size is up to your budget!).

These are just a few ideas, and one for any budget.
The most important thing you can do for your special someone is spend time thinking about who they are and what they would like.

And if all else fails, their favourite flowers and a gift card for a massage always works too.  Not to mention that card that is worded perfectly and says everything you feel.

Happy Valentines Day from Max Gabriel.

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Clothes Can Make The Man.

First impressions count. Especially for that important meeting, job interview or that amazing event you’ve been invited to.
Knowing you are dressed to give a great impression will inspire confidence not only in yourself but in the people around you.
So lets start the New Year with a wardrobe that creates confidence and enhances all your best features.
Because our shirts are designed only with sizes 46cm to 52cm (18″ to 20″) in mind then you know
they will create the image you wish to portray.

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Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!

Welcome to Max Gabriel.

When is a shirt not a shirt? When it’s not a Max Gabriel. Our style and 2 fold superfine cotton will make you stand out as someone that not only wears quality but expects it.

Also, why, should you only have access to ‘safe’ colours? Our colours and style will allow you to show the world some aspects of your personality and sophistication. So start getting excited! Our shirts are on their way. What a way to start the new year, with a whole new wardrobe that exudes confidence.

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